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TERMS AND CONDITION This website and any mobile applications (collectively,The webite )are owned of AI MINING . We are provide you with access to the website and our online store (collectively "Service") that following terms and conditions.

AI MINING is a legal register trademark of CLOUD AI MINING LIMITED , And without written authorization , No one is allow to use this register trademark , Otherwise CLOUD AI MINING LIMITED has the rights to to claim compensation for all losses from the infringing party!

For finding on website , access , using, Register or purchasing mining machine power on this website or using our services otherwise , You are agree to all of the following terms and condition , including here mention and any policy (collectively for"terms"). So please carefully read all these terms , We are reserve the right to make changes this website terms at any time , If you are not agree with our terms you are no need to browse , access , using, Register or purchas something from this website.

Need to have represent and warrant that you are full 18 years old or control by parent guardian for accessing this website.

Company has the rights to interpret all activities , So all the registered member can not infringe on the rights and interests of AI MINING in any form for any reason or under any excuse . If have any form of infringe , AI MINING has the rights to freez the account, And AI MINING is all rights to sue and pursue are reserved!

PRIVACY AND POLOCY Our Privacy Policy also paractise to visitor who visite our website , Please visit ,Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how to collect , use and share user information.

WEBSITE USING FUNCTION You are obey under our terms , We are give to you limited ,non-exclusive, non-transferable , non-sublicensable licen , to use this website is for personal is not use for business. The licen is not include: (a)Any resale or business use of the content of this website . (b)Any product list or use describe collection . (c)Of this website it's content derivative use . (d)On this website use any data mining , Mining Machine collection method and extraction are similar . Without our express writting consent you can not use framing or use framing techniques to hide of our any trademarks , Logo , Content or other proprietary imformation(Include the picture that you can fine on website ,The content of any text or layout/design of any page included on a page) . In addition you can not use any of our name without our express writting consent , Meta tags for trademarks or product names or anything eles "Hinding text"Any breach of these terms will immediately revocation of the license without notice.

ACCOUNT In order to access the function of this website , You maybe request to register , We are maybe will ration you , Or you can choose to use the password and account ID , If you are register you need to agree provide us with accurately and complete registration information , And immediately notify us if you update any informations.

You are responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of the passwords and ID assigned to you by your self , You should notify us immediately of any unauthorize use of your password and ID or any threat of breach of the security of this website , Everytime when you use your password or ID you will be deem authoriz to access and use this website in a manner consistent with these terms , And we can not obligation to investigate the authoriz or source of any access or use of this website . You need to use the first password and ID that you have select , And who is has sign in or accessing and using this website is responsible for all , Whethe you actually authorize access to and use of this website or not , include but not limited .

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION when you use the website to send us an email , You are electronic communication with us , You are agree to receive our electronic communications , We will communicate with you by email or by posting notice on this website or our other services . You agree to all of your agreement for providing to you all by electronically , Notice , To show with other communications satisfiel for complete the law requirement need such communicatioin be in writing .

CONTENT USER The website maybe allow all user to create , post , Transmit or store any content special function . User use of the content and protection of any features and your use of all features of any responsibility is valid specail function (" Interactive Function") , Such as text , music , sound , photo , video , graphics or code ("Content User") . You agree to responsible all about your user function and Interactive Function , And you use any interactive function at your own risk. By using any interactive area , You agree not to post , upload , trandsmit , share , store , create or other post or send by using these website content:

illegal , Defamation , Obscene , Porn , Indecent , Threats , Hint , Harassment , Abuse , Incite , Scam or other disgust content user , Constitute encourage or provide instructions for criminal offensesviolate the rights of any party or otherwise create liability any violate , Content user subject to state is national or international law . Maybe The advertise that violated or violate to other people , User content for privacy or data protection right , Including other personal image without your agree , Video , Image or imformation. Content user that make false or misleading statement about company , product or service . Maybe infringe any patent of either party , Trade marks , Trade secret , Copyright or other intellectual property exclusive righ content user. Content user that impersonates any person or entity anything eles misrepresents your relationship with that person or entity , And virus , Any type of malicious software , Damage data or other also dangerous , distroy document or code .

CONTENT USER RIGHTS Unless these terms ,This website has signed with us and another agreement there are regulation , Otherwise we don't require ownership or control over any content user . But by submitting posting content user on this website , You grant us non exclusive , Royalty free , Gobal , Permanent , Irrevocable , Transferable and fully sublicensable use , Copy , Revise , Adaptation , Post trandslate , Create derivative work for any purpose on this webside , Third party website mobile aplication and in all other media or format (Whether currently know or develop later) use on , distribute perform and display such content user , And without any compensation to you . You also grant user of this website the right to access your content user when using the website.

By posting content user to the website , Represent and warrant : (a) Such content user is non-comfidential. (b) You have own controll all rights , all rights and benefit , or have to post on the website use of such content user to all necessary rights terms that we grant you to the rights granted in these content. (c) Content user is accurate and not misleading or harmful in anyways. (d) Content user using or post on the website is not violate these terms or our other terms , guide policy or any applicable law , Rule ot regulation .

USER LIMITED You agree that you will not (And you agree not to allow any other person or entity to use your password and ID)

Downlaod , Revise , Copy , Adaptation , Trandslate , Reverse engineering , Based on public display , Sell , Rent ,Licen or commercially exploit any part of this website in anyway to create derivative works ,except and to the extent expressly permitted in these Terms . Remove website or any copyright on the website , Trademark or other is have exclusive rights notice . Using any Robote , Spider , Searching the page/ Take other applications device to retrieve or index any part of this website . Save all the imformation that have relate with content user (Include the user name and/electronic Email adress ) or any purpose other solicting and sharing comment with other users. Reformatting or structuring as this website part of any part of any webpage . By automate way or create user accounts under fake or fraudulent pretext. fraud the credit card (To buy something that not allow or use the fraud the credit card ) will lead to the user credit card blocked. Please don't use VPN/Proxy access to our website , to avoid account being marked as high risk or disabled . To much user are come from different country IP , It's will make your account be marked as high risk or disabled ( IP adress more than 3 country) . Create or sent the electronic communication that not request electronic communication , Exaple " Spam" or other interfere with other user's use the website . Fake or malicious online comment/feedback ( the misrepresentation content ) will lead to user account blocked . Transmit or upload to this website that contains or contains any virus , Worm , Defect , Malicious software , Software bomb or other intend to damage this website in anyways , Any other website Or any computer or other device or system , Or any user that enjoy of this website . Use this website to damage or gain unauthoriz access to any computer , computer network or other device or system ( including unauthoriz to discover passwords or secure encryption code ) Submit any illegal information or advertisement to this website , create , content that promote or encourage illegal activity , Or use this website to sent or store illegal meterail , Include consider threatening or obscene material. Copy or store any content user provid on this website , but for your personal is non-commercial use . Take any action , That in our sovle discretion impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large data or traffic laod on the website or IT infrastructure use to operate and make the website Available , Or Intentional or unintentional use of this website and/or any content user that violates any applicable local , State , federal or interational law. We don't have the obligation to monitor any user behavior on this website , We devers the right and absolute discretion to monitor the behavior of any user on this website at anytime and for any reason without notice.

OWNERSHIP As between you and us , website , Include all of picture , Image , Text , Graphic , Icon , Audio clip , Software , Source code and other aspect (Not including content user )All the improvement or modification , All derivative work base on this , Collection of this website , Arrange and Assemble ( Collective to reffer as "website content ) Including all copyrights above ,Trademarks and other intellectual property or proprietary rights , Are own by us or our licensor , And subject to applicable copyright protection law .

Without our express writting consent , Use of our trademarks or any service marks is strictly prohibite .You can not use our trademarks or service marks on any product or service in any manner that is easy to make confuse , You can not use it in any way that demean or denigrate our trademarks or service marks . Without prior express consent ,You can not use anything of our trademarks or service marks in meta tags , Nothing in these terms can not deem our patent store grant to you or other user , copyright , trademark , Any license or rights in trade secret or other proprietary rights .

PURCHES ON WEBSITE You are agree , All transactions you conduct with or through this website are can be chose conducted electronic from beginning to end at our option . If we decide to do it non-electronic , unless you enter into different terms that we offer , One more these transactions will remain bound by the remainder of these Terms . It is your responsibility to print or make an electronic copy of these Terms and any other contract or disclosures we need to provide to you .

You agree to pay the fees display on this website when the cost show , We reserve to increase from time by time , Right to reduce and increase or cancel fee ,Without notice , Any fee is maybe have and no have reflect actual costs . Only use a valid credit card or other payment method acceptable to us , By submitting your order ,You represent and ensure that you have the right to use the specified card or method , And authorize us to use the card or other method to charge your order . If card (or other method) , Unable to verify , Invalid or unacceptable ,Your order may be automatic pause or cancel . ALL REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO OUR REFUND POLOCY We have tried to be as accurate as possible and to eliminate errors on the website , But we do not ensure any products , Service , Describe , Picture , Price or other information is accurate , whole , Reliable , modern or non-mistake . If have this mistake , Even on website , Order confirmation , Process the order , Product delivery or service or other , We are revers the right to correct such error and according when necessary modify your order (Including charging the correct price) or cancel the order and refund any amount charge . If such an error occurs , Your solve problem way is cancel your order and receive a refund.

All items are subject to availability , We reserve the right to impose quantity limits on any order , Right to refuse all or part of an order and discontinue products or service without notice , Even if you was placed and order . All the price/ If change any price , Without notice , We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the sale or use of such products in your country or jurisdiction and / services are restricted or prohibited for any order for products or services.

LINK This website may contain links to other websites on the Internet that are owne and operat by third parties . You admit that we are not responsible for the operation or content of any website.

TERMINATION You can close your account at anytime ,Terminate these terms by ceasing to use the website and providing us with a notice of termination , We have decided to terminate your own use of this website or any rights to this website and block or prevent your future access and use of this website or any part of this website , Without notice .

ASSURE To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law , You agree to use , Our subsidiaries and affiliates and our respective officers ,Director , Agent , Partner , Member , Staff , Independent contractor ,Service Providers and Consultants ("Our stakeholder") For the cause: (a) You visite , Any claim arising out or relate to the userb or misuse of this website , Penalty for damages , Cost , Liability and Fee , (Collective referr to "claim") (b)You post on or through this website , Upload , Use , distribute , Any content user stored or other transmit . (c)You provide any feedback . (d) You violate these terms. (e)You violate any rights of other people. You agree to promptly notify us of any third party claim , Cooperate with us in defending and paying all claim fee . Costs and expenses associate with defending such claims (Including but not limited to attorney fee) You further agree that we have the right to control the defense or settlement of any third party claim . DISCLAIMER

AI MINING only can protect the legitimate rights and interest of user who are legal and compliant (the phone number register with WhatsApp is the same as the phone number registerwith AI MINING). AI MINING can not guarantee any rights and interests of all register members in private transactions offline.

Except as expressly state , This website , including all website content and services available on or in connection with this website ,Provide "As is" and " All errors" Supply , Make no representations of any kind , warrant or condition , either express or implied . We deny all other express , implied or statutory representation , Ensure , Conditions and Obligations , including but not limited to implied warrant , Obligation and condition: (a) Maketability ,Suitability for a particular purpose use , Result , Title , Not abusive . (b) By trade practice , Transaction process or performance process creation . We do not represent or warrant that website is accurate , Whole , Reliable , Up to date or error free . We don't represent or warrant that this website or our servers are free of viruse or other harmful components. EXCLUSIVITY OF REMEDIE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY On every situation , Incorrect special by us or our related party , Liability for indirect incidental or consequential damage , Including loss of profit or loss of business , Even if they have been inform of the possibility of damage , Contract between us and our relate party , Ensure , Infringement (Including negligence , Although Initiatives , Passive or presumptive)or total liability in other theory , It's make by purchase product or using any service that relate with these terms the reason that relate with the website more than purchase and using service price . Limit setting forward will not limit in this paragraph or exclude the gross negligence of us or our related party , Fraud , Intentionally , Maclicious or reckless misconduct .

REMEDY You agree , For any actual or potenial violation of these terms , Our legal remedies are insufficient , And in addition to any damages we may be legally entitled to recover , We are also entitled to specific performance or injunctive relief . Or both reasonable costs of any form of dispute resolution , Including but not limited to attorney fee . No matter how is it in law or in equity , None of our rights or remedies shall exclude any other rights , Including but not limited to damage , Injunctive relief , Lawer Fees and expenditure.

MODIFICATION TO THE WEBSITE We reserve the right to modify or discontinue , temporarily or permanently this website or any of its features or terms , Without notice .

DIVISIBILLITY If any provision of these terms is deemed invalid , Invalid or unenforceable for any reason , then the condition should be treated as multiple ,And shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining terms.

NO THIRD PARTY BENEFICIARIES These terms are for the benefit of the parties only , And can only be enforced by the party .These terms are not intended to confer any right or benefit on any third party , Or create any obligation or liability of any party for any such third party.

FORCE MAJEURE EVENT A force majeure event is an event beyond the reasonable control of the affected party , Including but not limited to natural disasters , Embargo , Government restrictions , Strike , Riot , war or other military action , Civil unrest , Act of terrorism , Rebellion , Fire , Explode , Accident , Flood , vandalism , Cable cut and break ,Failure of public or private telecommunications or electricity network , Equipment failure ,System error , Major law change , or with crytocurrency , Mining , Industry change relate to market volatility , For any failure or delay in performance of our obligation to provide service due to a force majeure event , We are not responsible. RISK WARNING The dangerous of using Cryptocurrency , As cryptocurrency are unregulated and decentralize , There price is not responsible by someone . Deu to many factore beyond our control , The price of cryptocurrency maybe will change in anytime.Include these factor but are not make difficult to Mining or another Mining Machine changing property,Crypto currency price change(legal tender to cryptocurrency exchange rate ,Ex: Dollar/ Bitcoin) handware obsolescence and hardware amortization . Due to these factors , You may gain or lose the price of your Cryptocurrency at any time . Any curreny no matter how is digital currency or what , there is maybe will appear the large value fluctations , May change untill worthless.Buy on the market , Selling or trading somthing will lead to the risk of loss . Cryptocurrency actions also carry particular risks that are not typically share with fiat currency commoditie . with statutory backed by governments or other legal entities or commoditie such as gold or silver different currency , Cryptocurrency are back by technology and their perceived price in the market .

So you are understand and agree , Deu to the nature of cryptocurrency , The price of any amount mined cryptocurrency may lose all the price in one time . You understand that you are solely responsible for manage the cryptocurrency in your balance and any third party entity loss or expense.

This website is published through any channel or by any means of communication, Post or any imformation provide in relation to Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency Mining are not investment or legal advice. And maybe will change in any time .

DIFFERRENT KINDS This terms is not cause any agency , Partnership , Joint Venture or employement relationship , And you don't have right to bind us in anyway . We maybe Email , Provide notice to you by regular mail or by posting on this website , Include notice of changes to these terms . You can use this website when you accept these terms , Consitute you between you and us complete agreement for use of this website . Our failure to exercise or enforce any right to provision of these terms shoudn't constitute a waiver of such right or provision , If found these terms unenforceable or invalid , The provision should be limited or eliminated to the minimum necessary , So that these terms will remain in full force effect and enforceable , Unless you have access to our book in advance , Face to face , Otherwise you not trandsferable , Assign or sublicense these terms , These terms including incorporate by reference into our privacy and policy (Can find here ) and any notice are regarding this website.

Question About these terms , Questions about our Privacy Policy or other policy-related materials can be directed to our support staff via a support ticket.